The Philosophy of Cycling

I have recently started bicycling to work.   Very recently.  This week in fact.   I feel great and am having fun.   Its been a long time since I did a lot of riding.   Back in college I'd do 15 miles 3 times a week and a longer weekend ride. Back then I had a quality road... Continue Reading →


Boutari Kretikos White

Tonight I tried a wonderful light white wine from the Island of Crete.   A 2008 bottle of Boutari Kretikos White.   I have to say its is fantastic.   I will be buying more if I can find it.

Strawberry Wine

Two flats of strawberries have arrived in the home.   One flat for freezer jam and one flat for making strawberry wine.   Here is a picture of the lovely things. 4-5 lbs of fresh strawberries, washed, stemmed, and any spoilage cut off. 2.5 lbs of sugar ( was 2 lbs but these could have... Continue Reading →

Making a Mother

Home made vinegar is something I have wanted to try.     You can jump start this by having a culture called the "mother" or you can take the long way and let your wine catch its own.   I have tried to grow my other mother culture in the past and failed.  I tried... Continue Reading →

The Blueberry Wine Is Now Alive

The blueberry wine is now bubbling away.   One of the things I truly love is the sound of actively fermenting wine.   The bucket is "ALIVE".   Its kinda cool.   Not sure how this will go but here is the recipie I am using. Ingredients 8 cups frozen blueberries 1/2 container of Red Grape Concentrate 4 cups... Continue Reading →

All Bottled Up

Last night I added labels and caps to the Spiced Apple Wine I just bottled a couple weeks ago with hopes of enjoying it next fall. Cheers!

Why Wine Bottle Caps

Why do wine bottles have that lovely cap on the end covering the cork ? I often wondered since I find a pretty cork in a simple glass bottle without a cap so pretty. My wife recently commented that leaving a bottle in a cellar for several years meant you would probably have to wipe... Continue Reading →

Florida Wine : Strawberry Reisling

In my foray into the world of wine I have started sampling some Florida wine out of Plant City.   Keel & Curley Winery makes a variety of fruit wines. I found the Strawberry Reisling to be a wonderful summer wine.   Very light and fun.   It had a nice boquet of strawberries and was very low in... Continue Reading →

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