Ceres Up Close

NASA Dawn is giving us some great footage of Ceres.   Still lot of fun questions with the bright spots in that crater.   Maybe Tom Bodett left the light on for us.



Tomorrow Dawn will insert into orbit around Ceres.   Besides whatever it finds there, and found when it was at Vega, the cool part for me is the ion drive.   Dawn will become the first probe to orbit two planetoids.   Previously if you inserted into orbit you stayed there.   The ion drive,... Continue Reading →

Russia to Deorbit ISS in 2020

The latest news is that Russia plans to deorbit the ISS in 2020 when it is at end of life.   Naturally this is causing a ballyhoo.    The truth is to keep the ISS in orbit requires a lot of ongoing cargo lift as well as fuel to keep raising its orbit.   The orbit is so low... Continue Reading →

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