Atkins : Week 4 Results : -13.2 lbs : Yay!


One month in, trying to follow induction rules all the time, I have lost 13.2 lbs.  I’ve dropped from 217 to 203.8 lbs.

As you can see a plateau was hit pretty early on but I broke through.  I may have been getting carbs in a cheese and some other stuff.  I also upped my water consumption.  Hard to tell what caused it.  The thing to remember when your weight flat lines is that even though its not going down it isn’t going up either.

I do not anticipate this level of weight loss in month two.  My trailing one week daily weight loss average is about 0.37 lbs per day.   Thats 11.1 lbs a month.  I’m setting a slightly more conservative goal of 10 lbs over the next four weeks.  So in another month I hope to be at 193.8 lbs.

The graph’s linear trend line has stabilized.  It looks like I’ll be done mid march at this rate.  My goal still remains mid April 2019.


Atkins : Week 2 Results : -8.2 lbs : Yay!


Here are the numbers.   After 14 days I’m down 8.2 lbs and heading into week three.   I had a good week if you look at total weight loss.  It was however discouraging compared to first week in that I had a few flat days with no loss and even one with gain.  That is to be expected though.  Just soldier on and victory will come.

I’ve been using recipes from the Atkins website for Phase 1 ( Induction ).  They are so good that I have had no problems staying on the diet.  My goal is to stay in the induction phase for 8 weeks and see if I can keep the rate of weight loss in this aggressive stage.  What I have read says you can stay in induction longer with good results.

I reused most of the dishes from last week but added the Burrito Beef recipe.   It was good but I found the beef a little dry for my preference.  I returned the shredded beef to the crock.  Then I took the balance of the can of green enchilada sauce, along with a full can of water, added 2x the dry ingredients, a chopped jalapeno, and some garlic powder.  I added all of this back into the crock and cooked for another couple hours.  I ate this as a bowl, adding some lettuce, a bit of tomato, onions, cilantro, sprinkle of cheese, sour cream, and Pain Is Good Jalapeno Pepper Sauce.

The graph’s linear trend line has moved farther out.  This is starting to look more realistic.  My goal remains mid April 2019 and currently the trend has me completing mid February.   I suspect the trend line will moderate even more.

Atkins : Week 1 Results : -5.4 lbs : Yay!


Here are the numbers.   After 7 days I’m down 5.4 lbs and heading into week two.   I am very pleased with these results.

I’ve been using recipes from the Atkins website for Phase 1 ( Induction ).  They are so good that I have had no problems staying on the diet.  My goal is to stay in the induction phase for 8 weeks and see if I can keep the rate of weight loss in this aggressive stage.  What I have read says you can stay in induction longer with good results.

Some of the dishes I have eaten this week are :

Beef Burgers with Feta and Tomato

Jamacian Jerked Beef Steak

Buffalo Chicken Wings ( I used full sized wings and next time I will do drumsticks )

A couple batches of chicken breasts which I put melted garlic butter on.  Very good.

Vegetables were bell peppers, salads, and broccoli.

Breakfasts were eggs or sausage etc.

The graph has a linear trend line which is likely not realistic.  There will be plateaus and likely a slowing in the rate of weight loss.  My target for goal weight is mid April 2019.

Lookout Below

Several years ago i followed a variation of the atkins diet. It worked. I lost weight. I started feeling so good I started riding my bicycle to work 7 miles each way. Then the rainy season began and I worried about my work laptop. I stopped riding. Then the office closed and I began working out of my house. The carbs were enticing and now I’m mostly on a carb diet. I’ve gained all the weight back and then some.

In the morning is the start of Atkins Mark II for me. I’d like to lose 70 lbs and drop from 219 to 150lbs. By my math that should take 28 weeks or 7 months. By the time tax day rolls around i hope to be skinnier.

As always reality may not match theory.


Oh Look… Postum is Back

PostumOh look… Postum is back.   If you have never had it, don’t know what it is, etc.   It was produced for those who somehow decided coffee was bad, some for health reasons, some for religious reasons, and many for both reasons.   I haven’t drank the stuff since I was a kid.   Essentially its a roasted grain beverage.

Freshly Pressed Coffee

ImageIts still quiet.  No one is up.  I’m having a cup of java, freshly pressed.   I have found the simplicity of a french press fits with a slow relaxing cup of coffee much more than the fully automated, timer based, built in grinder, so on and so forth, machine I’ve been using.

The point of coffee is to be still.   Because it is hot it cannot be gulped.  It is a pause in life.   So should the making of coffee be.   And so it is with a press.   The whistle of a kettle of water coming to boil.   The simple mixing of coffee in the hot water and the seperation of the grounds from the liquid by your own physical action.

I have fallen in love with the French Press.

Pizza Smoothie

I have performed what may very well be a culinary first, I have made a Pizza Smoothie.   Why one would do such a thing ?   Well suppose you had four wisdom teeth pulled and yet really really wanted to have some pizza.   You can’t chew etc.


You can put two slices of pizza in the food processor, add sauce, puree until smooth.

Place in large soup bowl and serve with spoon tepid.   Hot is verbotten per the dentist so I ate mine tepid.

I’ll grant you its not what you normally want, but if you can’t have pizza its a good standby.

Grains Make Us Fat — Period

Grain based diets make us fatter, period.   The stats I have read state that on average Americans are 17 lbs over their ideal weight.   That is pretty close to how much weight I gain or loose switching my diet between a grain based one a protein based one.

A few months ago for the the first time in my life I tried a diet.    I’ve watched dieters for years and noted that few have ever had success.   And of the ones that did have success they were a miserable bunch.   Always moping and hungry etc.   I noticed though that those on a high protein diet, were never hungry and lost weight.  So I tried it.   Essentially my diet was all the meat and veggies I could eat, with cheeses, gravies and sauces thrown in ( and a glass or two of wine ).    I did not eat grains or fruits.   The result was over the next few months I lost 18 lbs.  I was never hungry, I ate when I wanted, ate as much as I felt like I wanted.

The question in any diet is “But can you keep it off ?”

From personal experience the answer is yes.  I can keep the 18 lbs off however not if I add grains back into my diet.   If I decide to start eating grains I will gain weight.   This is repeatable at will.   Add grains weight goes up, remove grains weight goes down.

There are a few people who wear white labcoats and carry clipboards and are thus called “scientists” or “nutritionists” or “doctors” who point this out.    The overwhelming majority of them however insist this simply is not true.    I can reproduce this at will in my body.  My wife can reproduce this in her body every time we vary our diet the result is consistent.   It is so consistent and reproducible that one must ask the question why its not pointed out by “scientists/doctors/etc.”

The reason can either be they are not attempting to find this out because they have high grain diet blinders, they scuttle results when they show up, or most likely those that do discover and report this tend not get further funding from the various big science funding centers.