Those With Heavy Hearts

Salud ...


These fellows make some really good coffee. Plus you feel like your coffee splurge is going for something besides corporate profits.

Oh Look… Postum is Back

Oh look... Postum is back.   If you have never had it, don't know what it is, etc.   It was produced for those who somehow decided coffee was bad, some for health reasons, some for religious reasons, and many for both reasons.   I haven't drank the stuff since I was a kid.  ... Continue Reading →

Freshly Pressed Coffee

Its still quiet.  No one is up.  I'm having a cup of java, freshly pressed.   I have found the simplicity of a french press fits with a slow relaxing cup of coffee much more than the fully automated, timer based, built in grinder, so on and so forth, machine I've been using. The point... Continue Reading →

Pizza Smoothie

I have performed what may very well be a culinary first, I have made a Pizza Smoothie.   Why one would do such a thing ?   Well suppose you had four wisdom teeth pulled and yet really really wanted to have some pizza.   You can't chew etc. But...... You can put two slices... Continue Reading →

Grains Make Us Fat — Period

Grain based diets make us fatter, period.   The stats I have read state that on average Americans are 17 lbs over their ideal weight.   That is pretty close to how much weight I gain or loose switching my diet between a grain based one a protein based one. A few months ago for... Continue Reading →

Tonight It Was Alive

When I checked the sourdough starter tonight it was showing signs of life for the first time.  Bubbles and growing in volume from this morning.   I am part way through catching a wild batch of yeast for the starter, feeding it every 12 hours. There is simply something exciting about food that is ALIVE.... Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Eat A Protein Bar

I overheard a vegetarian telling another "I just ate a protein bar".   And I thought to myself why would one eat a protein bar ?   To get protein.    Protein bars are generally eaten by vegetarians or those leaning toward that end of the spectrum to boost their intake of protein.   This is because they know... Continue Reading →

Garlic Seasoned Loaf Bread

A couple days ago I made two loaves of white bread using the Betty Crocker recipe in the book. Pretty basic bread but turned out great. The two loaves lasted less than 36 hours in the house.  The recipe is here : Tonight I made a second batch since I had enough flour still on... Continue Reading →

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