Many Goals Many Hills Many Giants Achieved, Conquered, Fallen No Mountaintop No Satisfaction No Rest On Laurels Always More Beyond Running Toward Chalk Doing What Needs Done Till I Either Fall Or Catch The Sun Until, 1/1/2018


In Defense of the FBI

In defense of the FBI they were dealt a dead mans hand.  That isn't to say they are innocent.  When charges, serious charges, of illegal activity are levied against one of the two candidates for president of the United States of America what safe course of action is there ? There is no safe path. ... Continue Reading →

A Unpopular President ?

On a trip to the store yesterday I noticed the newsstand.   Lots of articles about how unpopular Trump still is, all the things he does wrong.  This sentiment matches the general view of CNN/ABC/CBS/NBC/etc. and a large number of internet news sources.   To listen to this all no one can still to this day figure... Continue Reading →

Morality of Special Needs Trusts and Benefits

A question one undoubtedly will ponder about Special Needs Trusts ( alternately Supplemental Needs Trust ) is about the morality of the instrument.   This may not be pondered until the trust is actually funded.  It may be pondered by the trustee, by the beneficiary, by anyone who has knowledge of the trust. The question naturally... Continue Reading →

Including A Return Envelope

Recently I wanted to enclose an addressed stamped return envelope in a letter I was sending.   Turns out this is a very simple thing to accomplish.   The legal sized envelopes you buy at most stores are size #10.  The return envelopes are size #9.   Both sizes will easily accommodate a 8.5x11 inch... Continue Reading →

Real Estate Recovery

One of the things not highlighted during the last campaign season is that real estate prices have generally recovered. The fiscal crisis was not the making of President Obama. It was the inheritance of a disaster that came to fruition in the tale end of President George W. Bush.

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