A union of states was created, and over time more and more states were added.  Eighty four years later some of those states tired of the union and attempted to leave it.  In time Confederate forces fired on Fort Sumter in South Carolina and the game was on.

A union of states was created and states were added.  Now twenty three years on from the founding England has decided to leave the union.   Unlike what the US went through the underlying cause for Europe is very different.  Also unlike what the US went through the European Union has an escape clause, namely Article 50.   There have been, I believe, a few smaller states leave the EU but nothing on the scale of England.

Will this start a economic war on the continent ?  Very possibly.   Especially if England decides it is not bound by Article 50 and decides when it wants to leave it does so on its own terms.

The parallel to the US crisis when states tried to leave the union is that, on the other side of strife, a stronger and larger Union emerged.   One can hope that is the same outcome for the EU.