EPSON XP-820 Sheet Feed is AWESOME

I am finishing up the last few sheets of paper that I am scanning.   I decided to digitize the approximately 1 foot tall stack of notes and printouts with notes I have accumulated over the years.  I do not actively work with them anymore.

These documents were anything but pristine paper.  They had been stapled, unstapled, re-stapled.  They had dog ears.  They had creases that had started to separate.   They had torn leading edges.

The EPSON XP-820 just processed them flawlessly.  In one case I did have a single sheet jam and I butchered it extracting it.  So I just photocopied it on the printer and scanned the copy.  In all other cases it behaved beyond belief.  I fully expected nothing but problems scanning this stuff.  I am simply amazed at how good a job the engineers did with the paper handling system on this scanner/printer.