Runaway Stars and Bow Shock

Today I was looking into run away stars.  These are stars moving at high speed unrelated to the stars of their surroundings.  They are just off on their own and not swimming with the other fishes so to speak.   In some cases these stars wind up plowing through existing nebula clouds.  When they do they distort the existing clouds.   To an astro nerd like me … its pretty cool.

Zeta Ophiuchi — via JPL, Caltech SPITZER

Above is Zeta Ophiuchi.  This particular bow shock distortion is stated to be 0.5 light years from the star.

Kappa Cassiopeiae, SPITZER infrared

Above is Kappa Cassiopeiae,  This is said to be a bow shock at a distance of 4 light years.  Which is, to me, really awesome.