A moment later — perhaps because she couldn’t stop staring at him — he seemed to take pity on her. “We cannot afford allies,” he explained. “It is the essence of the King’s policy to appear weak. Confused in his priorities. Unable to achieve decisions. Careless of his kingdom. And it would be impossible to create that appearance if his intentions were not kept secret. If Queen Madin knew the truth, would she turn her back on her husband in his time of gravest peril ? If the Tor knew the truth, how well would he play the part of the forlorn and hectoring friend ? If Castellan Lebbick knew the truth — No,it would be disasterous. He has no subterfuge in him. And no one would believe that King Joyse had lost his will or his wits, while Lebbick remained confident.

A Man Rides Through, p. 82
Mordants Need Volume II
Stephen R. Donaldson