Amazon is a blessed curse to a reader.   They make it so easy to buy books.   Thats the secret to Amazon’s success, its easy to spend money, one click and its yours.

When I first got my kindle I almost went broke buying $0.99 books.  Lots of moments like “The entire Babylonian Talmud ?   Sure I’ll never read it but hey its $0.99, click….”

I have managed to maintain my reading/have read details in Amazon.  I was maintaining it today and here are my stats.  Total library is 379 volumes, 109 books have been read, 7 books I abandoned reading, 31 books are still being actively read, and 232 books I haven’t started yet 🙂

Now many of those are ancient works that are free, many are not.   And this library was built up over a few years.   Still thats an awful lot of impulse grabs of things I’ll never read.