A curious paper has been published in the March 5, 2013 Journal of Cosmology.  Its titled The Polonnaruwa Meteorite: Oxygen Isotope, Crystalline and Biological Composition.  The abstract contains this stunning claim:

The existence of numerous nitrogen depleted highly carbonaceous fossilized biological structures fused into the rock matrix is inconsistent with recent terrestrial contamination.”

Which is to say the authors are claiming that a meteorite landed with fossilized life on it.  The last paragraph of the discussion reads as follows :

We conclude that the oxygen isotope data show P159/001-03 and P/159001-04 are unequivocally meteorites, almost certainly fragments originating from the fireball-causing bolide.  The most likely origin of this low density meteorite with delicate structures, some highly carbonaceous, is a comet (Wickramasinghe et al., 2013b).   The presence of fossilized biological structures provides compelling evidence in support of the the theory of cometary panspermia first proposed over thirty years ago ( Hoyle and Wickramainghe, 1981, 1982, 2000 )

Thus the authors appear to be clearly asserting that this is a rock of non earth origin containing life, and that this therefore suggests that life on earth is therefore possibly seeded in its beginning from an off planet source instead of origination locally.

The stunning part isn’t that someone made the claim.   The stunning part is the list of universities the folks making this claim represent, and that the claim apparently has enough merit to make it into the Journal of Cosmology so that it may be debated in peer reviewed research.   It will be fun to watch.

Of note there is no basis for claiming life started in a puddle of ooze on earth.  We simply insist it must have, since life is here and nowhere else.  Or at least no where else we’ve found yet.   Its equally possible for it to have originated elsewhere and been seeded to earth by some event.   That possibility is very much the minority idea until we obtain proof that life did exist off planet.