Netbackup : Error in VxBSAGetObject

by bitznbitez

A recent Netbackup client upgrade on one of the SqlServer 2008 servers resulted in successful backups but no ability to perform restores, even simple restores.  Prior to this client upgrade things had been working ok with database backups.

ERR – Error in VxBSAGetObject: 3

A rather generic error to be sure.  And I am certain has any number of causes.   In this scenario we could backup just fine, we could browse the databases we had backed up in the NetBackup client, we could pick one and launch a restore.   But it would fail almost immediately with the above error.

Our Netbackup admin finally determined that our server was missing an entry in the /etc/hosts on the netbackup server.   Specifically we had a hostname-NB entry in the hosts, but not a hostname entry itself.   We were setting the client hostname as hostname-NB, and part of our connectivity was coming across that way, but another part was coming across as just hostname.

Adding the hostname to the /etc/hosts on the server resolved our issue in the short term.   And being able to do restores is critical so we did the workaround first.

We are conducting more followup about why this was ok before client upgrade and happening after.  We are working to ensure we are indeed sending traffic across the correct interfaces etc.

I don’t offer this as the right solution, simply as something to check, and something to potentially be a workaround while deeper solutions are found.