If you ride a lot, especially over terrain that is not smooth, one of the simplest things you can do, besides lubrication, is to periodically go over the entire bike checking for loose bolts/hardware.    Things have an amazing way of working loose.   You don’t have to be mountain biking off the side of a cliff, normal urban and suburban riding can involve a surprising number of bumps as well.

My mountain bike, is currently trimmed out as a commuter bike.   I have hung a kickstand off the back and added a rear pannier on the rack that used to hold a child carrier.  The purpose of this configuration is to take me, my lunch, a change of clothes, laptop, any books/papers etc. to / from work.   To do so in the rain if needed, which always happens in the afternoon around here, never on the way into the office.   The inspiration for this post was this week, at the office, I noticed one of my mounting bolts for my rear rack had fallen off.   I’ve lost other things over the years too.

My rule of thumb on frequency of performing this maintenance is, everytime something falls off, tighten everything else that didn’t………………….