Cinnamon Desktop Environment

by bitznbitez

I became a linux ubuntu fan because of the ease of keeping things up to date for end users.   When they came out with this whole “Unity” interface thingie I decided it was time to look elsewhere.  Yes it was just a desktop environment and I could have stayed with it, but I went exploring.  What I found was linux Mint.  Its ultimately based on Ubuntu with some nice enhancements.   However their 64 bit gnome3 implementation, on my system, had a tendancy to hang when using things like Banshee and VMWare.   A brief foray into KDE Plasma, while snazzy, was to heavy weight for my taste.  So I have settled on the Cinnamon Desktop Environment.

Installation is as easy as :

# apt-get install cinnamon

Next time you go to login, click on the icon near your username and select the Cinnamon environment, supply your password and off you go.