Noise on line

by bitznbitez

Back in my younger days I used to string network cable through buildings and so when I started encountering static on my home phone so strong it was impacting my DSL connections stability and throughput I decided to trouble shoot it myself.  But not after I lived with it for a long time as I was busy with other things. 🙂

I noticed the problem had a correlation with moisture like rainy days etc.   Sometimes this is not related to water in the line but just a higher humidity.   I had earlier resolved this problem in my home soon after I had purchased when I discovered a bad connection in the attic.  Someone had spliced the phone wires by stripping the ends and twisting them together  without even tape or a wire nut, not that those would have been a good method either.  In any case the loose connections caused static.   That resolved the problem for a long time.   But now it was back.

Tracing back I eventually discovered a problem with my telephone interface box on the side of the house.   Apparently the last guy out there, the alarm guy, was a real strongman, and had tightened the lugs so tight the plastic had split and it was no longer possible to get a tight connection.   An almost snug connection was the best.  For now I jinned up my own patch cable RJ11 and crimped the lines from house, bypassing the posts completely until we can get the phone company to resolve the problem by replacing the box.