What happened to you ?

I smiled at you once.
Your momma was proud.
So young and so happy
You were poor and happy.

Where did you go ?
What became of you ?
I will never know.
I can only pray.

Your mommas in jail
Or did she get out ?
For helping to kill your daddy
For a few pieces of dough.

I found your hospital bracelet
I set it aside,
but in all the hustle
Somehow it was lost.

What name do you have
What happened to you
So young and so innocent
What happened to you

Pondering a little toddler aged child I’d seen one time in a home I visited in a bad part of town. The actions people take have complex and far reaching consequences. I forgot the childs name, I’m not good with names. I can only pray for her along with all the others who suffer through childhood with bad parents whose names I’ll never know.
May God have mercy on us all.