Compressed Backups and list utilities show detail

by bitznbitez

Momentary panic today as db2’s percent complete was about 1/3 of the expected amount for our testing as we neared the expected completion time.   Don’t think I’d ever monitored our percent complete on a compressed backup before, or if I did I never noticed this.

db2 list utilities show detail
ID                               = 1
Type                             = BACKUP
Database Name                    = *******
Partition Number                 = 0
Description                      = offline db
Start Time                       = 07/18/2012 14:10:35.697439
State                            = Executing
Invocation Type                  = User
   Priority                      = Unthrottled
Progress Monitoring:
   Estimated Percentage Complete = 29
      Total Work                 = 212206866183 bytes
      Completed Work             = 60558686284 bytes
      Start Time                 = 07/18/2012 14:10:35.697460

In a few more minutes the process completed.   My speculation is that for some reason db2 is reporting the actual uncompressed total size of the backup image but using the compressed size for completed work.   At least in the 9.5 fixpak 6a version I am using.