Db2 express 10 install error on mint / ubuntu

by bitznbitez

I decided to install IBMs Express C on my Linux Mint 11 system tonight using the depricated db2_install method.   Why I don’t know.   I am installing the 64 bit version of db2.   The first issue I encountered was pointed out by db2prereqcheck.  This was fixed by :

apt-get install libstdc++5

The install however failed spectacularly…..

blackwater expc # ./db2_install 2>&1 | tee db2_install.out
DBI1324W Support of the db2_install command is deprecated. For
 more information, see the DB2 Information Center.

Default directory for installation of products - /opt/ibm/db2/V10.1
Install into default directory (/opt/ibm/db2/V10.1) ? [yes/no] 
DB2 installation is being initialized.
*** glibc detected *** /tmp/db2.tmp.29018/db2/linuxamd64/install//db2iure: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x0000000000c8ab30 ***
======= Backtrace: =========

This error actually means you do not have the rpm utility installed.   To fix this run

apt-get install rpm

And then rerun the db2_install command.  Success………