The North Carolina election last night has resulted in conservatives declaring victory, the amendment passed.    However I believe that they actually lost because about 40% of the state voted against the amendment.   That is to say 40% of North Carolina voters do not think marriage should be limited to a man and a woman.

This is a sign of incredible momentum on the side of the gay marriage movement.   North Carolina is the Bible Belt to be sure.   Perhaps not Alabama and Misssippi but close.    If they can field 40% today they will get 45% tomorrow and 55% soon after that.

How can I say that with certainty ?   The reason is age demographics.   When you look at support/opposition for same sex marriage by age group you find much higher support among youth than the older generations.   As the older generations die off and the younger with their ideas emerge even North Carolina will flip especially if they are only 11 percent away from victory on same sex marriage.

Whether that is good or bad is an excercise for the reader.   But the reality is it will happen.