Finally got to ride the bike into the office this week after some things came up last two days that prevented it.   Looks like I’ll only get two days of riding in this work week 😦  This trip it was loose parts galore.   If I had a bumper I’d put the Honk If Parts Fall Off sticker on it.

To start with I tightened the bolt that holds the kickstand to the mount.   I’ll admit that a kickstand on the back of a Trek 4900 is a bit of a contradiction but for the environment I am riding it in the stand is appropriate.   I need to tighten this before every ride.   One of these days I will either put a lock washer under it or some loctite on the threads.

Halfway to the office my St. Benedict Crucifix fell off my neck, landed on the sidewalk in a couple pieces.  

Finally to the office carrying the bike upstairs and then wheeling it down the hallway one of the wheel reflectors fell off and landed on the floor.

In all my years of biking I haven’t seen this much fall off a bike at one time, not even when I crashed them.   I think I will take some time tonight and go over the whole machine tightening things as I go.   Its probably the constant bumps from sidewalks, curbs, etc. shaking the thing as I go.