About 3.5 weeks into this new lifestyle of cycling to work 3 or 4 times a week I am still watching my body change.    As I have said before its been a couple decades since I did any serious riding.    

The last couple weeks I’ve been watching the gear I use move higher and higher.    Day one I was maxing out in 6th gear on the smallest ring of the crankset.    My leg muscles are improving so that the last couple days I’ve moved up to 7th gear on the middle rink of the crank set, gear 15 out of 24 if you will.

Of course I’d lost track of cadence in my fascination with pushing harder.   It had the predictable result, stronger leg muscles and knees that were complaining to me.    The remedy to this is straight forward.    Part of the solution was moving the seat up another inch, I’m pretty well at the max seat height now the Trek stock setup will allow and its sized to me pretty well actually.    The majority of the solution though is a return to monitoring cadence.   Biking isn’t about body building its about endurance.  

My pedal cadence had dropped to about 60 per minute, mabye even 50s, and thats when I started hearing about it from my knees.   This am I focused on cadence again.   I’m back up in the 80 range, which means lots less pressure each rotation, and life is good again.