About 25% into my am commute on my bicycle I came down with the worse headache I’ve had in some time.   Of course strenuous excercise has a lot to do with making a minor headache worse.

Naturally I had no excedrin/tylenol/whatever and even if I did it wouldn’t work quickly enough to matter.   I decided not to throw in the towel but rather to just knuckle down and ride through the pain.   Balance seemed ok though thinking and reaction time seemed certainly impacted.   I had visions of coasting up to the office building and falling over in the bushes and laying there for half the day.   Nevertheless I pressed on.

By the time I reached 2/3 though the headache broke and is still broke except for a very slight background one.    I’ve never pushed through a headache before while excercising.    Tongue in cheek….. Maybe the blood vessels causing the headache finally burst causing the release in pressure and relief 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cycling With Headaches

    1. Interesting observation. Thanks.

      I used to get a tension/mild sinus triggered perhaps headache every couple weeks. Ever since I added a glass of wine with dinner I’ve been headache free.

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