Recently I restarted bike riding after a 20 year hiatus.   I’d ridden back when I was my 18-22 time frame quite a bit.   Rode around the pretty hills of southwest Michigan down many country roads.   Then I quit when I got a real job and moved to “the big city”.

The twenty years in between were spent as most modern white collar desk jockey’s spend their time.    Some travelling, some desk jobs, eating pretty much whatever I pleased.    Never dieting.  

Then in my 40th year on a whim I decided to loose some weight.   I dropped 18 lbs on a diet very loosley based on the ideas of atkins.   I hate counting things like calories and grams and servings and such.   So I developed as my full diet plan : meats, sauces, gravies, eggs, cheeses, vegetables and of course a glass or two of wine a day, eat whenever I am hungry and as much as I want when I eat.   The result was I felt better than I ever had.   I wound up with a lot more energy at the end of this period.

Thats when I took up biking again.  I restarted mainly to get outdoors more.   I was tired of moving from one climate controlled box to another via a smaller mobile climate controlled box.   

Generally I avoid doctors but I did have a work related physical about 1.5 years ago and then about 3 months ago actually had to go see one about some illness I had contracted.   My blood pressure wasn’t bad but was in the 130/89 to x/92 range.

An interesting side effect of biking, biking itself a side effect of all the wonderful ribs, steaks, chicken and stroganoff I’ve been eating, was a drop in blood pressure.   After the first week of riding and then sitting idle for over a day without riding, I tested my blood pressure again.   It had dropped to 120/72.

If you have high blood pressure don’t pop pills.   

Go for a walk.    Go for a slow evening walk with someone you live with.  I’ve done this for the last several years.   Talk about life, the day, the past and the future.  Don’t hop on a bike and push yourself.   Just go for a walk.   If you feel up to it go for a short ride but don’t push yourself.  Listen to your body and it will tell you how hard to push.   But excercise a bit and it will do you wonders.   

Above all stop eating the grains, fruit juices, low fat and all the rest of the nonsense that passes for modern nutrition.   Eat like our ancestors did before we had an obesity epidemic.   Eat food not manufactured food products.