I overheard a vegetarian telling another “I just ate a protein bar”.   And I thought to myself why would one eat a protein bar ?   To get protein.    Protein bars are generally eaten by vegetarians or those leaning toward that end of the spectrum to boost their intake of protein.   This is because they know that unless they eat some form of manufactured food product artificially impregnated with protein they will be deficient.   It is an admission that you can’t live on beans and vegetables.

I did not eat a protein bar.   For lunch I ate a bowl of pulled pork with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce.     For supper I’ll have another grilled chicken breast, a slice or two of home made bread, a bit of salad and a glass or two of wine.

When I eat this way I don’t need to snack.  I have wall to wall energy.  I lost 18lbs eating this way before I decided to restore the grains to my diet.   Meat and veggies and creams and oh la la.   Some call it Atkins, some call it Paleo Diet, some call it high protein etc.   It doesn’t matter what you call it its not new, its been the way of eating for a long time, and it works.  Its what your body was created to live on ( or evolved to live on if you prefer ).

I advised a woman to have her husband eat nothing but hamburgers and steaks but leave off the buns and he’d loose weight and be happier, more energetic etc.   Having my pesonal living example that this is true the vegetarian could not say I was wrong.  Instead they said that ones cholesterol would be a disaster.   The problem of course being even those who set out to prove the high protein, low carb diets would cause increase in heart disease, and worse cholesterol numbers failed and found the opposite.   The science behind high carb low meat/fat diets was venhemently disputed by leading doctors and scientists but ultimately won the day and became government policy because Senator McGovern, and his compadres said they could not wait for science to prove it right they had to act now.   And act they did, and educate the public in silly ideas.

Today I rode my bicycle to work.   The vegetarian who eats healthfully always has to go to a chiropractor, and this and that doctor, and has to eat all kinds of health food supplements etc.    We are about the same age.    As a rule the vegetarians will look at their ailments and say how glad they are they are vegetarian or it would be a lot worse.   Not realizing vegetarianism causes more trouble than it helps.

I know from personal experience what a vegetarian diet does to a body.  I was raised a vegetarian.   It was a well balanced healthy vegetarian diet, I descended from dieticians/nutritionists.     Even a little meat in the diet works wonders.

Today I did not eat a protein bar, instead I ate protein.   Here piggy piggy piggy…….. 😉