Last week, partly out of a desire to show what else you can do with yeastie beasties, partly because I remember seeing bread made as a boy, and partly out of boredom I decided to make bread.   I used the basic Betty Crocker recipe.

  • 6 cups all purpose white flour
  • 2 1/4 cups hot tap water
  • 2 tblsp shortening
  • 3 tblsp sugar
  • 1 tblsp salt
  • 1 pack yeast

The recipe called for using a mixer but I tend to eschew gadgets so I mixed it up in a big metal mixing bowl with a wooden spoon.   Let it rise 60 minutes, then divided shaped it onto two flat cookie sheets for baking.  No bread pans here.   Another 60 minutes of rising.  Then 25-30 minutes @ 425F on a low rack and YUM.

The two loaves were entirely consumed within 36 hours and I have requests for more.   So I guess I will take up bread baking.  This leads me to investigate sour dough bread as catching my own yeastie beasties appeals to me.   Part of the natural approach.

The thing my wife likes about home made bread is you control whats in it.   The breads at the store are full of soybeans and God knows what else.   This is one way to bypass that.    It fits in well with our home eating philosophy of eating food and not food products.   By that we mean eating meat, veggies, fruits and not processed food products.   We have found we feel better, have more energy, etc. when we eat food and not food products.

So onto Sour Dough…….


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