Sanford Florida is in the news a bunch right now.   That’s where one man shot another in a middle of the night encounter.    What actually transpired between the two men to start the altercation will forever be open for debate and is now only known by one man.    What is known is that the press has selectively edited 911 tapes to make the shooter say thing he didn’t say, and biased the story in other directions.   Its a regular three ring circus right now.   Yesterday or today the NAACP condemned Al Sharptons call for escalation.   Apparently Al wants more uprising.   The only uprising so far that I’ve heard on the local radio is the city of Sanford threatening to have the press arrested if they don’t quit harrasing city workers in their homes.

So for now its a sad time one man is dead another may be dead soon if this keeps up.   This death gets all the press while other deaths are not even noticed.

To that end I share this picture of Sanford, FL I took shortly after tropical storm Faye blew through.