This week I started up a jug of “Joe’s Ancient Meade Recipe”.   Its a pretty unorthodox recipe.   The basic recipe is 3.5 lbs honey, 1 large orange, 25 raisins, 1 or 2 cloves, 1 cinammon stick, and bread yeast.    Dissolving honey in water pour into 1 gallon jug, add cutup orange rind on, cloves, cinammon stick, raisins, enough water to allow room for fermenting, and toss in the bread yeast.   When fermentation slows top off with water.   No racking, no nothing.  Its supposed to self clear in 2 months and be ready for consumption.

The chap at the local brew shop said they had tried this and it was good.   So I am giving it a go.

Normally I start the fermentation in a bucket and then siphon it off into a jug for clearing, racking it a few times as needed until its time to bottle.

We shall see what becomes of this meade.