Home made vinegar is something I have wanted to try.     You can jump start this by having a culture called the “mother” or you can take the long way and let your wine catch its own.   I have tried to grow my other mother culture in the past and failed.  I tried to leave some red wine around until it turned into vinegar but to no avail.   I suspect it had to do with the sulfites or something.

Tonight when I racked my batch of blue berry wine from the primary fermenter to the glass gallon jug I use for a secondar fermenter I had a bit left over.   Since I am following the Atkins diet and am still in the first two week period I am forbidden from taking alcohol.   It dawned on me that here I had something without any sulfites etc. and it was guarenteed to turn to vinegar in pretty short order if left to its own devices.

So I have poured it into my vinegar jug and will wait a couple months and see what it turns into.