I decided a while ago to loose weight for the first time in my life.   I won’t say how old I am precisely but I will say I predate the Ford administration.   I wasn’t terribly over weight but it was getting to the point I noticed.

I started following essentially the atkins plan.   In this approach to diet you do not restrict calories and you never go hungry.   You eat when you want and as much as you want.   You do remove sugars ( including fruits ) and grains ( which removes 100% of all processed foods ).   Additionally I had to cut out my nightly glass of wine for a couple weeks.   Oh and no beans or something like that but I don’t eat them anyway.

Its working.  I’m down 5+ pounds on the week.   I’ve been eating egg and cheese omlettes with bacon or sausage for breakfast.   Pulled pork and bbq sauce for lunch,  beef stroganoff sans noodles or rice for supper.   Fresh or cooked veggies along with it.    Salad becasue I am actually wanting to eat a salad from time to time.   And drinking water and coffee.

Well if eating all that is making me skinny then it is clear to me that what makes us fat is grains and sugars.    I’m aiming for 20lbs loss and after that I will add back in a dinner roll with my meal.  But I am done with plates of rice or pasta, or processed foods, etc.

No one is saying bluntly what is causing us to get fat.   Its grains and sugars.

There is no reason for anyone to be fat who doesn’t want to be.   You don’t have to go hungry, excercise, etc.   Just eat meats and veggies,  truly omnivorous, and leave it at that.