This morning I went to listen to “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong via a youtube link.   It was gone.    Somone who owned the rights to the song was upset they were not getting enough money from people and so unless they could aquire wealth no enjoyment of beauty is permissable.

True we must all work for our food and shelter, that is the nature of the world.   But what are we doing with our lives ?

There is one way in which we work and use our resources for our needs and beyond that for the good of others.   In this way we see to the physical, entertainment, arts, natural world and all the other needs of others.   We create goodness and beauty that our entire tribe, that is the entire world, will be better.

There is another way in which we try and exploit for our gain at the expense of others.   We create beauty so that others will see it and desire it, but cannot have it unless they part with their own labor.   We create economic systems whereby a person must constantly labor and pay us money or they will have no home.   We promise the saving of a life through expensive futile treatments at the end, when the promise is empty and all that is really desired is to take the last dollars of a dying man.

Through a long series of complex means the modern society tends to enslave and make the world worse.   There is a lot of material benefit within society, there always is.   There is a tendancy to exploit and enslave in modern society, there always is.   It can’t be changed but you can choose which side you want to work for.

Art, Photography, Music, Theatre, Trees, Flowers, Nature is all to share and should not be the property of anyone.   Ideas and beauty should be freely exchanged for the good of all.

That is why the photography I have created is free for use with credit.   It has appeared in calendars, newsletters, websites, presentations, etc.   I have never received a dime for it.  I do it for my own benefit and if others enjoy it then great.   No doubt those who use it exploit me and then others but that is something they will someday have to give an account for.   Myself I just want to make the world more beautiful and happy.

I wish I was better at achieving that goal…..