New Hampshire Awaits

The GOP primary season enters its second poll in NH tomorrow.   Mitt Romney is out in front, but why shouldn't he be.   He was the governor there so presumably they all like him.    Though it was funny in 2008 when he lost his home state in the primary to McCain. Even though... Continue Reading →


In Defense of Hugo

Hugo Chavez may not be a particularly fair ruler.   He may oppress the people, hoard to much wealth for himself etc.   But the current disputes about oil contracts transcend that. The issue is should a nations wealth be able to be signed away to other companies ?    Should a banking conglomerate or... Continue Reading →

What A Wonderful World

This morning I went to listen to "What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong via a youtube link.   It was gone.    Somone who owned the rights to the song was upset they were not getting enough money from people and so unless they could aquire wealth no enjoyment of beauty is permissable. True... Continue Reading →

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