New Hampshire Awaits

The GOP primary season enters its second poll in NH tomorrow.   Mitt Romney is out in front, but why shouldn’t he be.   He was the governor there so presumably they all like him.    Though it was funny in 2008 when he lost his home state in the primary to McCain.

Even though Mitt aka Wiliard is out in front no body likes him.   The party faithful do not want 4 more years of Obama, but we don’t like Mitt Romney, and have said so repeatedly at the polls in the past.    All you need to know about the race is that going into tomorrow only 44% have decided who to vote for, meaning the rest really want “Somebody Else” and “Most Assuredly not Mitt”.

So that Mitt wins NH won’t be a surprise.   But a strong showing by anyone else, especially Santorum, will be devastating to Romney.


In Defense of Hugo

Hugo Chavez may not be a particularly fair ruler.   He may oppress the people, hoard to much wealth for himself etc.   But the current disputes about oil contracts transcend that.

The issue is should a nations wealth be able to be signed away to other companies ?    Should a banking conglomerate or a large corporation be able to manipulate their way into the control of the natural resources of a nation ?   Or should the natural resources of a nation belong to that nation.

The answer of course is that the land and the produce of the land should belong to that nation.   In the case of the Irish nation it was precisely the idea that the resources did not belong to the nation that resulted in starvation when the harvest failed and instead of letting the people eat their own crops the crops were removed from the land and sold because there was already an obligation to sell them to a corporation and to protect its shareholders.

“I tell you now: we will not recognize any decision by ICSID,” Chavez said during a televised speech. He has repeatedly accused the U.S. oil major of using unfair deals in the past to “rob” the South American OPEC member of its resources.

“They are immoral … How much could they steal in 50 years? Who would dare launch this madness without any foundation? They wanted $12 billion. From where, compadre?” he said.

“We are not going to bow before imperialism and its tentacles, understand that … They are trying the impossible: to get us to pay them. We are not going to pay them anything.”

Thus when Hugo declares that he will not bow to the will of a corporation and a “World Bank” he is to be commended.   There is of course a totally separate question about the manner Hugo rules his country and whether the government of that nation is fair to its people.   But that is an internal question for the nation of Venezuela to sort out on its own.

What A Wonderful World

This morning I went to listen to “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong via a youtube link.   It was gone.    Somone who owned the rights to the song was upset they were not getting enough money from people and so unless they could aquire wealth no enjoyment of beauty is permissable.

True we must all work for our food and shelter, that is the nature of the world.   But what are we doing with our lives ?

There is one way in which we work and use our resources for our needs and beyond that for the good of others.   In this way we see to the physical, entertainment, arts, natural world and all the other needs of others.   We create goodness and beauty that our entire tribe, that is the entire world, will be better.

There is another way in which we try and exploit for our gain at the expense of others.   We create beauty so that others will see it and desire it, but cannot have it unless they part with their own labor.   We create economic systems whereby a person must constantly labor and pay us money or they will have no home.   We promise the saving of a life through expensive futile treatments at the end, when the promise is empty and all that is really desired is to take the last dollars of a dying man.

Through a long series of complex means the modern society tends to enslave and make the world worse.   There is a lot of material benefit within society, there always is.   There is a tendancy to exploit and enslave in modern society, there always is.   It can’t be changed but you can choose which side you want to work for.

Art, Photography, Music, Theatre, Trees, Flowers, Nature is all to share and should not be the property of anyone.   Ideas and beauty should be freely exchanged for the good of all.

That is why the photography I have created is free for use with credit.   It has appeared in calendars, newsletters, websites, presentations, etc.   I have never received a dime for it.  I do it for my own benefit and if others enjoy it then great.   No doubt those who use it exploit me and then others but that is something they will someday have to give an account for.   Myself I just want to make the world more beautiful and happy.

I wish I was better at achieving that goal…..