Over the last year or so there has been a lot of press about the drilling through the ice in antartica to find a freshwater lake named Vostok. The press has been full of how we don’t know what we will find at the bottom of our drilling operations. Whatever we find will be wonderful and will help us learn all kinds of things about the ancient past.

I am a little skeptical of putting this much energy into announcing in advance the great things that will be found. If we are not careful when we get done with our television special we will open the safe and find Geraldo Rivera in it. Worse than that, the Russians left the hole last winter filled with a little over 2 miles of kerosene filling the hole above Vostok, with 400 feet of drilling left. So who knows we may not only find Geraldo Rivera but when we find him he may be covered in fuel oil.

Naturally I’m hoping to find fascinating things at the bottom of the lake. Preferrably something very enigmatic.