The sauerkraut has begun.    Its simple to make.   Chop up some cabbage, I used red and green.   Salt it to draw out the juice and press it for the same purpose.  I simply pressed and squeezed it with my hands after chopping until enough juice was out, you don’t need very much.    Then place it submerged under its own brine laden juice in a container.   I used wide mouth mason jars which will require regular burping so the pressure does not get excessive.    

More traditional methods put it in an open topped crock or bucket with something to weight the cabbage down and keep it submerged.   I did not choose that method because I was worried the odor would cause my family to complain greatly.

In the center jar I also added a few sprigs of dill weed to add a flavor twist.   By the morning, after about 10 hours of sitting the jars were already producing gas.   I could tell because the jars released pressure when I opened and the smell indicated the fermenting had begun.

In two or three days I will move them to the fridge, the closest I have to a cool cellar.   They can last a few months there, or so I have heard, unless they get eaten first.