Minty Fresh Linux

by bitznbitez

I’ve been an Ubuntu fan for a very long time now. Several years. The latest release with Unity and what it did to the desktop drove me nuts.   Now I certainly am able to differentiate between the desktop and the OS itself.   I’ve been doing unix since before the days that unix had a GUI of any kind even X windows.   But I am busy with life and don’t have time to keep selecting all the different applications and keep them up to date etc.   That is why I went with Ubuntu in the first place.   To offload the admin work to a central release management system.

The need to do a motherboard replacement on my desktop system left me looking for a new distro.   By default I had decided to go to Fedora but in chatting with some associates I was pointed toward Linux Mint.   After a bit of investigating I decided to give it a try.

On the surface its a clean install, looks and feels a lot like Ubuntu before the days of Unity.   Out the door I have observed one problem but the cause I am not yet sure of.     There are periodic pauses that do not seem due to CPU consumption, not do to paging or swapping etc.   I am excercising a 1 TB disk with a lot of writes as I test it to make sure it is ok.   This could be related to a bios problem, I haven’t updated the main board yet, or any number of other things.

Anyway I now have a Minty Fresh Linux and am looking forward to seeing what happens.