Where’s My Window Manager ?!

by bitznbitez

A recent update of packages on my home linux system, Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, resulted in no window manager starting.    Since its my home sytem I do not track what sort of updates I apply.   Generally I just fire up :

apt-get upgrade

Then I sit back and let it do its thing.   But this time it went wrong.   Windows but no window manager.   Not a problem, open a terminal and manually run “gnome-wm” and presto life was good again.    But who wants to do it that way.

My ultimate resolution was to go to system->preferences->startup and add gnome-wm to the programs that auto start.   I’m sure this isn’t the root cause.   It was previously starting somewhere else and there is a reason it quit.   But in the cosmic scheme of life this works, I may never know why but so long as it works I may never care to know why.