When I was young I learned about this thing called nuclear energy.   The bombs were bad but this nuclear energy was good.

I was in Pennsylvania at the time of Three Mile Island but not close at all.   But Three Mile Island wasn’t a disaster it was overblown media hype, or so I gathered.

I was in and out of Florida round the time of the Crystal River steam release.   Again it was said to be “much ado about nothing”.

Then there was Cherynobl, that was bad.   That was undeniably bad.   But of course it wasn’t nuclear power that was bad.    The problem was those “commies”, or at least that was the general upshot of reporting and public thought around me.   At that time in this country, and still today, a particularly low view of the Russian people was held.

But now its the Japanese that are having trouble.   Several reactors have exploded.   No one has any idea what to do.   They try this, they try that.   No one can speak against Japanese engineering know how.   They are at least as good as the US at engineering, and in my opinion they are better than the US at engineering.    The land of Japan is being destroyed and polluted.   The ocean is radioactive.   Plutonium lies about in ponds of water outside the facility.  The effects, though slight, now spread well beyond Japan.   The head of the nuclear facility breaks down in sobs as he announces that because they failed in running the plant people are dying.

And yet in the press we have no stories of the suffering these victims of nuclear exposure are suffering.   Perhaps it is because no reporters will go where the radiation is strongest.  But perhaps its because the corporate owners of the press don’t want to highlight this since they also make a lot of money in the nuclear energy.

In any case, we don’t frankly have a clue how to control nuclear once it goes bad.   The horror pales in comparison to what happens when we have an oil spill.   The effects last far longer, human suffering is much more.   I am convinced that those I once laughed at, the No Nuke crowd, are perhaps the only sane ones.


One thought on “No Nukes

  1. We are now many months past this incident. The initial reports that, despite nuclear reactors exploding like they were in a bad godzilla movie, everything was under control have turned out to be bumpkis.

    There were complete meltdowns in almost all of the reactors if not all of them. Radiation exposure was far higher.

    We can get our power through other means…. And we should !

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