Discipline of Learning

One of my challenges has always been that I am fascinated by everything.  Therefore I start much, learn much, but finish little.   A friend recently suggested that I learn to be more disciplined.   In pondering that suggestion I thought of college.   In college I did learn many different things at once.

I can usually devote a couple hours a night to whatever topic is of interest to me.   Therefore I have decided to combine the old college model and take 4 study topics at a time.

  • The first topic, HTML5.   I am in the process of reading a book Introducting HTML5, by Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp.  I am new to HTML5 so this is a fun read.
  • The second topic, DB2 Version 9.   I am in the process of reading a book DB2 9 Fundamentals Certification Study Guide.   I have been a DB2 DBA continually and without interruption since version 5.   I read these certification guides primarily to make sure that I do not miss any parts of the database and its tools that I don’t happen to encounter in my day to day tasks.
  • The third topic, Norweigan.  I am attempting to do something completely useless and learn Norweigan.    I have no desire to speak it fluently but I would be interested in being able to read the newspaper and have a sense of what is happening and to listen to a simple conversation and have some understanding.
  • The fourth topic, Java.   I am a self taught java programmer.   I write code to manipulate data in databases and I also review a lot of developer code before it runs against our databases.   My purpose in reading the Programmer Guide to Java SCJP Certification is to get better at what I am doing by filling in any missing pieces.

With those four topics I have a goal of making my way through one or at most two chapters a week in the text I am reading.   The books range from 7 to 15 chapters so that means in the next three months, one quarter, I will have completed all of the above.   As one “course” rolls off I can add a new one and remain perpetually enrolled in my personal continuing education program.

Well its a plan anyway………..