TinyMCE New Paragraph or Newline ?

by bitznbitez

Normally when typing text into TinyMCE, the editor I prefer to embed into any web based application I am working on that needs a text editor, the enter key results in the preceding text surrounded by paragraph tags

<p> …. </p>

In CSS we often control the spacing between paragraphs rather than rely on the user inserting enough carriage returns in the text.   Visually it winds up being akin to double spaced, if you are old enough to recall the typewriter.  This works most of the time, but not when you want to have a series of short, single spaced lines.

The easiest way to get single spaced lines in this scenario is simply to hold down the shift key while pressing enter.   This results in a simple <br /> being inserted instead of a end of paragraph.

This also works on WordPress and other environments that use either TinyMCE or something very similar.